Escrow Agent

In a market full of uncertainty, trust deposits or escrow deposits become a valuable and versatile tool to ensure the safe, fair and efficient completion of a wide variety of transactions.

An escrow agent is a neutral person or entity that temporarily holds assets or securities that belong to third parties, invests and/or supervises their delivery while a transaction is finalized, a dispute is resolved or agreed obligations are complied with.

The escrow agent has, based in the trust the parties have conferred, a fiduciary responsibility, governed by a deposit agreement.

The service guarantees that the results of a transaction respond to the parties’ expectations.

Custody of Economic Value Documents

Safekeeping and custody of documents that represent an economic value, such as: real estate property deeds, loan agreements, deposit certificates, among others.

Your documents are stored in special safe deposit boxes, water, fire and any other type of catastrophic event or accident, resistant.

Custody of Guarantees

Custody of documents that serve as a guarantee for:

  • Credits granted by international financial institutions.
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Time shares
  • Mass Lease Agreements and Franchises, among others.

Legal and Fiscal Information Custody

Mandated by several laws in effect (Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Law, Tax Code and Code of Commerce), Salvadoran companies are required to keep certain documents for long periods of time (in some cases up to 15 years).  Monitoreo Legal has the legal expertise to advise its clients complying with said laws, digitalizing the information under legal standards and storing it for long periods of time.

Databases for "Know Your Customer" policies.

The Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Law mandates, for purposes of detecting criminal activities, keeping track of clients and preparing databases with abundant information on their activities.

Monitoreo Legal produces databases of individuals and corporations and shares them with its clients, so they can “know their customers” in advance and comply with the legal requirements. The information in the databases can be checked, updated and even used to detect persons involved in illegal activities, facilitating the work of our clients.

Scanning Service

The scanning service allows you to have a backup of your most valued and important documents in the event of the destruction of the originals.

Companies require the service to avoid catastrophic events and innovate, solving their demands for security in the handling and control of their documents.

Electronic Document Storage

According to Section 11 of El Salvador’s Electronic Signature Law, documents executed with the use of an electronic signature shall be kept in that format; this storage can be done on your own devises or through third parties. Monitoreo Legal, provides storage services of electronic documents.

Official Journal Catalog

Monitoreo Legal reviews the Official Journals that are published, notifying its clients of any matters that might affect them (laws, regulations, government decrees and others).

Intellectual Property registration expiration dates

Intellectual property (trademarks, logos, commercial denominations, patents, etc.) represents a valuable asset for their owners. Monitoreo Legal offers the service of keeping strict control of their registration expiration dates to maintain the value of this type of assets when renewing its registration for additional terms.

Custody and Safeguard

  • Escrow Agent
  • Custody of Economic Value Documents
  • Custody of Guarantees
  • Legal and Fiscal Information Custody

Custody and Electronic Safeguard

  • Databases for "Know Your Customer" policies.
  • Scanning Service
  • Electronic Document Storage

Control, Monitoring and Updates

  • Official Journal Catalog
  • Intellectual Property registration expiration dates